Boehringer Ingelheim "One Voice" 

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In cooperation with Arndt Benedikt we produced a corporate movie for the german medical company Boehringer Ingelheim.

One Voice.

The story is based on one line that transforms into images and shows different ways of dialogue. The movie talks about the benefits of good communication and how this raises a companys reputation to next level.

Client: Boehringer Ingelheim
Agency: Arndt Benedikt
Concept: Felix Groß, Grant Price
Creative Direction: Falko Ohlmer
Illustration: Mimi Park, Adelina Asani
Production: THIS IS Y
Cel Animation: Thomas Schindler, Paul Balykin

this is y - boehringer ingelheim_CPA_Empathy
this is y - boehringer ingelheim_CPA_Guidance
this is y - boehringer ingelheim_CPA_dna
this is y - boehringer ingelheim_CPA_Generations